Steffie Metzger Foxman, MS CCC SLP

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I am a seasoned speech language pathologist who has had the honor of working with Dr. Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg, director of BCG Learning Center, her tutors and staff since 1999.

Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg has been an exceptional educator for over 32 years and continues to go above and beyond for her students and their “teams”. Dr. Cohen-Greenberg is an extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and caring professional. She is committed to each and every child that is served  through her center, whether she is working directly with the student or has assigned another specialist to meet his or her needs. Each tutor that works at BCG is carefully selected and requires a minimum of a Master’s Degree. BCG Learning Center affords a wide range services for students ranging from Pre-K to the Graduate level and provides tutoring 7
days a week in various settings. Each tutor specializes in a specific area of academics; therefore, BCG is able to meet the particular needs of each student.

Every student receives not only a distinct educational plan, but Dr. Cohen-Greenberg communicates regularly with the parents, and other professionals to ensure her student’s overall success.

I primarily refer to BCG Learning Center because I am confidant students will receive personalized tutoring that is centered on a team approach.

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