Kathy Todd (Admissions Director of Casa Montessori School)

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Dr. Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg (and staff) come highly recommended by the teachers and staff of Casa Montessori School for over 20 years. Dr. Bonnie has been instrumental in tutoring and helping so many of Casa’s students reach their highest potential by looking at each individual and determining their specific needs. Bonnie has always been very upbeat and positive with the students making students excited about learning! Many of Casa’s students have gone on to shine in their respective high schools and colleges, and love to come back and visit Dr. Bonnie. She takes great pride in knowing about each of her students’ successes. Dr. Bonnie is a great communicator and is always willing to privately keep her student’s teacher updated with the student’s progress. So many of Dr. Bonnie’s students have received high school honors and college scholarships.  


Not only does Casa Montessori School in Marietta highly recommend Dr. Bonnie as a private tutor, but she has come to Casa for teacher education sessions to share ideas about children’s special needs and other subjects that would help teachers communicate with the parents at our school. Please feel free to contact Casa for any further recommendations for BCG Learning Center.