Kathy Todd (Admissions Director of Casa Montessori School)

Dr. Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg (and staff) come highly recommended by the teachers and staff of Casa Montessori School for over 20 years. Dr. Bonnie has been instrumental in tutoring and helping so many of Casa’s students reach their highest potential by looking at each individual and determining their specific needs. Bonnie has always been very upbeat and positive with the students making students excited about learning! Many of Casa’s students have gone on to shine in their respective high schools and colleges, and love to come back and visit Dr. Bonnie. She takes great pride in knowing about each of her […]

Kathleen G. Moore, M.Ed. (Educational Consultant)

I have had the honor of knowing and collaborating with Dr. Cohen -Greenberg for over twenty years. She is truly one of the most dedicated and creative professionals I know. She is not only an expert in the field of Learning Disabilities, but also a talented practitioner whose sole mission is to provide the most individualized and targeted intervention to each child she serves. I have referred countless numbers of children to her, whom I’ve evaluated, without hesitation. I am always confident that she will ensure that the child is matched with a professional in her group that is most […]

Marc Tanenbaum, MD (North Atlanta’s First Concierge Housecall Pediatrician)

I have recommended Bonnie for years to my Learning Disabled and otherwise school challenged patients. Her work has always been appreciated and her skill valued in the Atlanta community. My patients and I have always been pleased with her support and skill.All have been very satisfied with her educational services. Her reputation in her field is without reproach.

Joanne Y. Max, Ph.D. (Educational and College Planning and Consulting / Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist)

BCG Learning Specialists has been an invaluable resource, providing excellent, hands-on tutorial assistance for students. My clients have found Bonnie and her staff to be warm, supportive and extremely helpful. The students report improving their academic preparation and making great academic progress. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Bonnie as I help students with the college application and selection process.

Steffie Metzger Foxman, MS CCC SLP

I am a seasoned speech language pathologist who has had the honor of working with Dr. Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg, director of BCG Learning Center, her tutors and staff since 1999. Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg has been an exceptional educator for over 32 years and continues to go above and beyond for her students and their “teams”. Dr. Cohen-Greenberg is an extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and caring professional. She is committed to each and every child that is served  through her center, whether she is working directly with the student or has assigned another specialist to meet his or her needs. Each tutor that works at BCG is carefully selected and […]

Danielle Levy, Psy.D. (Licensed Psychologist/Family Psychology of East Cobb)

As a psychologist who works with children and families with a wide variety of needs, I find it extremely comforting to be able to rely on the BCG Learning Center to provide referrals for my clients with confidence. Their vast expertise is an invaluable resource in our community. I know that I can always count on Dr. Cohen-Greenberg to provide insight and direction on even the most complex cases. I also know that the tutors assigned to work with my clients will be the right fit because they are chosen with thoughtfulness and deliberation. The tutors are flexible and so […]


Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg is one of the most caring, considerate, and most intelligent people I have ever met. Her concern for children with learning disabilites is immeasurable. My children adore her and my son has soared under her tutelage.

Pat M.

I’ve sent my son to several tutors of different subjects at BCG and I couldn’t be more grateful for our results. Everyone we have worked with are extremely kind and compassionate, and demonstrate great abilities to apply research based techniques that work!!! Maybe too well 🙂 Eric used to hate reading but at 10 last night I found that he had snuck a book under his covers to read.

Sandra T.

Thank you for helping Josh with what you call number sense. Last year he couldn’t do a single word problem. Now he is excelling in math. As you know we have been to so many tutors but none of them were able to figure out how to teach Josh the way he understands like you have. We are so grateful.

Brian S.

Bonnie, I just want to thank you for always giving Michael the best tutors. Every tutor he had at BCG in Science, Math, English, and Spanish have not only helped him achieve, but they have really increased his self esteem. As you once told me, once Michael starts to believe he is capable, he will flourish. And so he has.