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All children can learn. Children can’t change the way they learn, so educators must be able to change the way they teach! We strive to meet the diverse needs of our students. Every student and every educator has special gifts. We at BCG Learning Specialists, carefully match up our professionals and students to ensure our students' success. We specialize in:

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Assistive Technology
Alternative Learners

Currently Offering Online Interactive Virtual Sessions

We currently are offering online interactive virtual tutoring sessions as well as in-person face-to-face sessions taking proper health precautions.

How We Are Different

All of our Learning Specialists (tutors) at BCG Learning Specialists have a minimum of a masters degree. We pay significantly more to hire the best professionals available to meet students' needs. Since we are not a franchise, all of the tuition we collect goes directly toward helping each of our students. BCG customizes each student's curriculum based on each student's needs with special consideration for psychological, speech and language, and occupational therapists' evaluations, school reports, teacher recommendations, and most of all, input from parents and students.

What We Offer

All Academic Subjects

Reading, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Grammar, Literature, Writing, Foreign Language, and Science

Test Preparation

PSAT, SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, Miller Analogy, and other Standardized Tests

Study Skills Coaching

Study Skills, College Application Essays, Critical Reasoning, Note Taking, Social Skills, Time and Material Management, Organizational Skills, and much more!

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